• Gender Quotas and the Strategic Incentives of Parliamentarians under Closed List Electoral Systems (with Patrícia Calca): In this paper we analyze the effect of the introduction of a gender quota on bill sponsorship in the Portuguese Parliament.
  • Gender Quotas, Internal Competition and Co-sponsorship Networks in Closed-List Proportional Systems (with Patrícia Calca):
  • Signaling to voters? Conceptual problems of testing signaling models in legislative studies
  • Turnout, Mobilization and the Rise of Right-wing Eurosceptic Parties
  • Strategic Diversion: In this paper, I analyze under which conditions interest groups use public communication to divert attention.
  • Crisis opportunities: Committees of inquiry as stepping stones for backbenchers (with Patrícia Calca):
  • Party competition and signaling to regional constituencies: Evidence from co-sponsorship networks in Portugal (with Patrícia Calca): 
  • Voter Priorities and the Effectiveness of Supranational Fiscal Governance (with Thomas König and Xiao Lu): In this paper we analyze the conditions for effective Fiscal Governance in the Eurozone.
  • Gaining access to decision makers (with Brian K. Richter): In this paper we try to enhance our understanding of how interest groups get access to decision-makers.


  • Experiments in the Social Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Introduction (with Ulrich Hamenstädt, Münster).

Grant Proposals

  • Fiscal Policy Bargaining, Transparency, and Fiscal Performance under the EU’s Stability
    and Growth Pact 
    with Nicole Rae Baerg.

Data sets

  • The Legislative Politics in Portugal data set (with Patrícia Calca).