This page provides an overview of my ongoing and finished research projects

Work in progress


  • The impact of quotas on legislative behaviour of women: The case of Portugal (with Patrícia Calca): In this paper we analyze the effect of the introduction of a gender quota on bill sponsorship in the Portuguese Parliament.
  • Gender Quotas and the Co-evolution of Co-sponsorship networks in Portugal (with Patrícia Calca): 
  • Party competition and signalling to regional constituencies: Evidence from co-sponsorship networks in Portugal (with Patrícia Calca): 
  • Voter Priorities and the Effectiveness of Supranational Fiscal Governance (with Thomas König): In this paper we analyze the conditions for effective Fiscal Governance in the Eurozone.
  • Gaining access to decision makers (with Brian K. Richter): In this paper we try to enhance our understanding of how interest groups get access to decision-makers.
  • Strategic Diversion: In this paper, I analyze under which conditions interest groups use public communication to divert attention.


Grant Proposals

  • Fiscal Policy Bargaining, Transparency, and Fiscal Performance under the EU’s Stability
    and Growth Pact
    with Nicole Rae Baerg.



  • Introduction to Experiments in the Social Sciences (with Ulrich Hamenstädt, Münster), contracted with Sage Publishers. Expected publication: early 2018.

Finished projects


  • Political uncertainty and interest group communication strategies: This was my dissertation project. In the monograph I developed a formal model of the interaction of interest groups and a bicameral legislature in order to better understand the actions of interest groups. I tested the model using data on lobbying in Germany. Manuscript prepared for publication.
  • Data Access, Transparency and Replication: New insights from the political behavior literature (with Daniel Stockemer and Tobias Lenz).



  • Fiscal Governance in the Eurozone: How effective is the Stability and Growth Pact limiting public debt? (with Thomas König): In this project we analyze the effect which the introduction of the Euro on the development of public debt in the Eurozone (Paper accepted for publication in Political Science Research and Methods).


  • Bush and Obama – Two Different Ways of Reacting to Crises? (with Patrícia Calca): In this project we analyzed the reactions of Bush and Obama in their State of the Union Addresses.


  • Off Track. Inflated Claims of the Car Industry (with Thomas König, Lars Mäder and Hanna Notte): In this project we analyzed the behavior of industrial lobbyists on European Union initiatives on environmental regulation. We found a strong pattern of costs for the industry being considerably overestimated in the advent of the decision-making processes.