Update on the DAAD portal problems

I have received an answer from the DAAD help desk. They seriously told me they are aware of the problem and would ask me to use a different computer. A technical solution for this problem would be under way but it was impossible to say when that would be implemented (not anytime soon). This is unbelievable.

Why we need better support for free software

Today, I tried to apply for conference funding to the DAAD. As part of the application process, one is supposed to download a pdf form. This form needs to be opened in adobe acrobat reader. As a passionate Linux user, I am unable to install a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. An outdated version is available but has been unsupported since 2013. Many security issues have not been...

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Welcome to my new blog

In this blog I will write about open science and politics. This includes discussions of (best) practices, tools, and the philosophy of open science.