• Academic convenor of the conference “Analyzing Strategic Interactions in Political Decision-making” sponsored by the ECPR Standing Group on Analytical Politics and Public Choice, 09-11 May 2019, CIES-IUL, Lisbon.
  • Section Chair at the ECPR General Conference, 22-25 August 2018 in Hamburg (Section Advances in Analytical Politics and Public Choice) 
  • Finding Thetas in Europe - Conference on Applied Bayesian Statistics and MCMC Methods in the Social Sciences, 08-09 April 2010, University of Mannheim, Germany..

Paper presentations

2019 European Political Science Association (EPSA), ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments, Analyzing Strategic Interactions in Political Decision-Making (ECPR Standing Group Analytical  Politics and Public Choice), Advances in the empirical study of legislatures (ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments). 
2018 European Political Science Association (EPSA), European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR).
2017 ECPR Standing Group on Parliaments. 
2016 Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), Inaugural Conference of the Nottingham Interdisciplinary Center for Economic and Political Research (NICEP), European Political Science Association (EPSA).
2015 European Political Science Association (EPSA). 
2013 American political Science Association (APSA), European Political Science Association (EPSA).
2012 Sixth Pan-European Conference on EU Politics (Tampere, Finland).
2011 American Political Science Association (APSA), European Consortium for Political research (ECPR).

Other conference appearances

  • Party Competition in European Multi-Level Systems, 23.-25. November 2017, MZES - University of Mannheim, Germany. Discussant.
  • The George Tsebelis Conference: ‘Reform processes and policy change: How do veto players determine decision-making in modern democracies’. University of Mannheim, Germany. Discussant.