Sebastian Koehler

Political Economy and Research Methods

University of Konstanz

Department of Politics and Public Administration

Center for Data and Methods

Contact details

I am a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Data and Methods at the Department of Politics and Public Administration of the University of Konstanz, Germany and the proud father of a lovely daughter.

My main research interests are in the fields of Political Economy and Political Science. I focus on understanding the role of institutions and their impact on strategic interactions in politics, in particular regarding lobbying, legislative politics, as well as bargaining and political decision-making. I emphasize a strong connection of formal theory and empirical analysis. Methodologically, I am interested in network analysis and methods of causal inference.

I am currently a member of the editorial board of SN Social Sciences, the convenor of the ECPR standing group on Analytical Politics and Public Choice, and a member of the Exam Board for the MSc in Social and Economic Data Science (SEDS) at the University of Konstanz.

As a proponent of open science, I seek to improve research practices in the discipline. The blog on this website is part of this effort.

You can download my CV here.


selected publications

  1. Fiscal Governance in the Eurozone: How Effectively Does the Stability and Growth Pact Limit Governmental Debt in the Euro Countries?
    Koehler, Sebastian, and König, Thomas
    Political Science Research and Methods 2015
  2. Lobbying, Political Uncertainty and Policy Outcomes
    Koehler, Sebastian
  3. Data Access, Transparency, and Replication: New Insights from the Political Behavior Literature
    Stockemer, Daniel, Koehler, Sebastian, and Lentz, Tobias
    PS: Political Science & Politics 2018