PEIO 2013

I have just returned from the 6th conference on the Political Economy of International Institutions (PEIO). It was an amazing experience! I met a lot of interesting people and my presentation was a success. A pdf version of the poster entitled “Fiscal Governance in the Eurozone: How effective is the Stability and Growth Pact limiting public debt?” which I have presented can be found here. The paper the poster is based on is collaborative work with Thomas König. The current version of the paper can be found here.


Image of U.S. Presidential Administrations

The book “Image of U.S. Presidential Administrations. The cases of Bush and Obama” which was edited by Célia Belim and Patrícia Calca is now available. I had the pleasure to provide a chapter to this book. In our chapter, Patrícia Calca and I analyze the differences in the political reactions toward the economic crisis by Bush and Obama.  We show that the different reactions of Bush and Obama can be clearly measured in their State of the Union Addresses. You can find out more about the book here.